TOP 5: Boys Crushes + Movies

Good Afternoon! πŸ˜€ Due that is the month of love I thought I’d do a top five of men that I hadn’t met and I’m sure I never will πŸ˜› but that I think they are very handsome ❀ And after realising the five most handsome men for me were actors, I decided to also show to you my favorite movies that they had made πŸ™‚

Let’s start, I’ll leave the trailer for the movies at then end of the post πŸ˜‰

Jeremy Renner


This man is the most handsome I known πŸ˜› In all the movies I’ve seen of him, he always act like a badass but in the interviews he’s funny and easy-going so he’s the perfection of both sides ❀ I would totally marry with him πŸ™‚


And look how cute he’s in this gif ❀

The first movie in which I saw him was S.W.A.T πŸ™‚ Although, he doesn’t appear to much and is the bad guy, I still really liked his character πŸ˜› You have to see it is full of action and adrenaline ❀

Channing Tatum


I love his movies! πŸ˜€ I love the way he acts, he’s gorgeous and the other day I saw them in “Lip Sync Battle” (I love this show, too) and he’s also very funny πŸ˜› My favorite movie where he worked is Fighting ❀ That movie was great and really entertaining πŸ˜€

Chris Pine


And this man is just awesome ❀ Have you seen This Means War? Soo good πŸ˜› I always watch it when is on the tv πŸ™‚ I loove how this movie ends and I think Chris is a really good actor πŸ™‚

Robert Pattinson


Well, I love Robert since I was 11 so a long time now πŸ˜› He’s my husband, I’m going to marry him someday πŸ˜€ Remember me made me cried like crazy and the end was a shock 😦 , seriously you have to watch this movie! It’s my favorite movie ever ❀

Dylan O’Brien


This guy is just the cutest πŸ˜€ I actually saw him for the first time in the serie “Teen Wolf” but recently I watched “The Intership” and it’s a really sweet and funny movie about friendship ❀ And Dylan’s character is amazing in that movie πŸ˜‰

So that’s for today let me know if some of these men are your favorites too, and if you had seen the movies I mentioned tell me what you thought πŸ™‚

If you haven’t seen them yet, here are the trailers:


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