Review Policity

Hello! Thank you so much for thinking of me to review your book! 😀

It’ll be my honor to do it but before actually do it you have to know this things:

In my reviews there’re always the author social media, links to where to buy the book, the cover, the blurb of it and of course, what I think about it :P. Sometimes I put some random gifs that represent my mood in that part I’m talking about, or quotes from the book that I liked or think represent pretty well the book.

When I review a book it’s always my personal and honest opinion of it, so if I didn’t enjoy the book so much I will write it and the reasons why but I’ll never be disrespectful with the author or write things like “You shouldn’t read this book” because I think that if I didn’t enjoy it maybe other people could enjoy it. And if I did enjoy it I’ll write all the reasons why and how it made me feel 😀

I can read books in English and Spanish

That being said, I accept this genres:

  • Romance
  • Contemporary
  • Horror
  • Fiction
  • Dystopian
  • Drama
  • Graphic Novels
  • Comedy
  • Tragedy
  • Crime
  • Fairy Tales Retellings
  • Fantasy
  • Mystery
  • Mythology
  • Adventure
  • Supernatural/ Paranormal
  • Biographies
  • Historical Fiction

And I’ll not accept:

  • Non Fiction
  • Folklore
  • Science Fiction
  • Political Fiction
  • Religious Fiction
  • Gothic Fiction

The ages I accept are:

  • Children
  • Young Ault
  • New Adult

The formats I accept are:

  • PDF
  • Epub
  • Finished copies
  • ARCs

So if you think I’ll enjoy your book, send me an email at with the name of the book, the cover and the blurb, please don’t send me the book until I accept your request. I’ll always reply to the emails even if I’m not interested within 48 hours since I received it.

If I accept your book, you can be 100% sure that I’ll review your book but I’ll need at least 2 weeks since I received the book to post it on my blog. I’ll tell you the exact day when I’m planning on post the review but if I have problems or I can’t make it that day I’ll tell you and give you another date, I don’t think this could happen but just in case…

I’ll post the full review here in my blog, a smaller one in Goodreads (if the book it’s there) and I’ll share it on my Pinterest, Tumblr and Twitter.

So thank you again for thinking on me and I hope we get along! 😀



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