My five most hated bookish pet peeves

Hello! 😀 How are you? I hope you’re having an amazing day 😉 Mine is pretty cool so far 😛

I’ve been wanting to do this top 5 for a long time and now it seems the perfect time to finally do it 😛

So, here are my five most hated bookish pet peeves (This isn’t going to be nice):

  • Too much description: I like when authors describe where the characters are in one or two paragraphs but if the author write more than that I’m sure I won’t read the whole thing :/ , it’s just so boring to me like there’s nothing happen just the character looking around and thinking all the things she/he is seeing.


  • The “I’m not like the other girls” girl: I hate this phrase with all my heart, I can’t even think about it because I get mad 😩. This kind of girls are so annoying to me, it doesn’t matter who they are if they tell that I’ll dislike them the entire book. This make me think “What make you so special?” And this girls are thinking that all are the same except for them but the reality is that we’re all differents and that’s great. 🙂



  • The dominant man and the submissive woman: Hate it! 😠 I think I get tired of this with FSOG and others books like that and now I don’t want to read something like this anymore. And it’s just so stupid, I’ll love a book where the woman is the dominant one, that would be expectacular! 😀 But no in all the books the man is always the dominant one. why? Why? WHY?


  • When people do this:tumblr_static_5xm8ve8io6g4sokk4s8o04kck When I just bought a book there’s always someone doing that and it gets the hell out of me 😠. I hate when they do that, the cover gets folded and the same with the pages. And then the book doesn’t look nice 😦
  • The Happy Ever After: This one isn’t something that I hate but it’s something I’m tired of. I’m a little evil, I’ll love a book that ends with something bad or sad. The Happy Ever After seems to simple to me, there’s the couple not liking or couldn’t be together, problems not so bigs happen and then there’s the happy ending. I want to be clear that I enjoy or even love some books with happy ending but I think if I read a book with an evil ending it’ll immediately become my most favorite book.



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