BOOK REVIEW: ♥♥♥The Seventh Bride by T. Kingfisher♥♥♥


Young Rhea is a miller’s daughter of low birth, so she is understandably surprised when a mysterious nobleman, Lord Crevan, shows up on her doorstep and proposes marriage. Since commoners don’t turn down lords—no matter how sinister they may seem—Rhea is forced to agree to the engagement.

Lord Crevan demands that Rhea visit his remote manor before their wedding. Upon arrival, she discovers that not only was her betrothed married six times before, but his previous wives are all imprisoned in his enchanted castle. Determined not to share their same fate, Rhea asserts her desire for freedom. In answer, Lord Crevan gives Rhea a series of magical tasks to complete, with the threat “Come back before dawn, or else I’ll marry you.”

With time running out and each task more dangerous and bizarre than the last, Rhea must use her resourcefulness, compassion, and bravery to rally the other wives and defeat the sorcerer before he binds her to him forever.

-From Goodreads

** I received this e-book from Netgalley in exchange of my honest review**

The Seventh Bride begin when Lord Crevan propose to a fifteen girl that he’d never met called Rhea. Of course Rhea doesn’t want to marry an old man and she also feels like he’s hiding something really dangerous. The problem is that she’s the daughter of a miller and the Lord is the owner of the mill so he’d have to say yes and Craven will invite her to his house with the excuse of knowing each other better. There in when the dangerous and creepy things will start to happen.

I really loved Rhea! ❤ She was amazing and brave, but the reason I liked her so much is that no matter how bad or dangerous were the things she’d always think something funny or sarcastic :D. It was really refreshing all the times she did that. 🙂

Lord Crevan was another story 😒. He was cruel and vain 😣. However, I can’t say much about him because he didn’t appear that much in the book, what is strange now that I think about it. Well, he’s a horrible person. What respectable man would marry a fifteen girl? 😠

The others characters were great too 😛 . Some of those were creppy the same as some of the things Rhea found in her tasks 😡. My favorite one was the hedgehog, it was so cute and helpful, always worrying about Rhea. ❤T.Kingfisher did an amazing job in my opinion! :D.She made me imagine all the things really well and it wasn’t that great for me because I got really scared 🙂 (You have to remember that I’m easy scared so don’t take this too serious :/ ). I like how she created  the characters they all were what they had to be. However, I didn’t enjoy the end as much :/. I think it could be more of what it was but it didn’t affect much because the rest of the book was wonderful! 😀

The Seventh Bride made my days while reading it 90% better 

You should read it if you like fantasy, fairy tales, fiction, retellings, paranormal, horror, supernatural and YA😊.

Do you want to buy it? Amazon – Barnes & Noble – Book Depository.

T. Kingfisher: Website.

That’s all I have to say about The Seventh Bride, I hope this help you to decide if you want to read it 😁

Would you like to read it? Have you already read it? What did you thought? Let me know! 😛

I hoope you have an amazing day and reading time! 😍

💙😚 💙 😚 💙


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