The Five Things that Scared me the most!

Hello! How are you? 😀

I wanted to do something related to halloween and this is the thing that came to mi mind 🙂 Maybe some of the things are silly but this things really scare me 😛

Please tell me if you are scared of some of this things too 🙂 And what are the things that scare you?

I have to admit that I didn’t shearch some of this pictures, my sister did it… I can’t see some of this things…


Not “The Walking Dead” kinda zombie, slow and dumber. I hate the fast and intelligent ones who can kill or eat us. I’d nightmares of them trying to catch me like three or four times. Like the ones in World War Z, that ones are horribles but I’m more scared that they’ll maybe exist in the future than that I could see one now.

Samara Morgan

Resultado de imagen para samara morgan

I HATE THIS GIRL! There’s nothing that scare me the most. I know it’s kinda silly because she’s just a girl but I always think about her oing out of the TV and it terrifies me. I only see the movie if I’m with a lot of people and usually I’m next to a door (It’s really embarrassing).


Resultado de imagen para scream

This is more a trauma, I saw this when I was ten and my uncle really scare me and made me cry… Now, I can’t see that face because I get nervous. And I know it’s only a man with a costume but it gets in my nerves no matter what. And the worst is that it’s my mom’s favorite movie, she watches it every time is on the TV.


Resultado de imagen para cyclops mythology

It’s not that I hate creatures with only one eye, it’s the giant man that I’m afraid. I see a clearing at night and I always think there’s the giant man sleeping who can get up and kill all of us or make us his slaves. I hate bigger things than me and is silly because I’m pretty short 😛 .


Resultado de imagen para tiburones gigantes prehistoricos

This is the only one that scare me and fascinates me at the same time. You know there’s a part in the ocean so deep that no one knows what is at the bottom? Well, that scare me. Not knowing if there’s a enormous shark or something really big like Godzilla. And it fascinates me because it’s soo interesting and it would be amazing discover what is in there 😀


5 thoughts on “The Five Things that Scared me the most!

  1. Love this post! And YES OMG SAMARA IS JUST FREAKING SCARY! I first watched The Ring when I was 8 and it still scares me today😧 Although the scariest movie I have watched so far is handsdown Oculus. *shudders*

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    1. Yaay! I’m not the only one 😛 YOU WERE 8?!? I’d have died if I looked the Ring at that age!😱 Oh yees! I forgot about that one 😣. It’s really creepy, my sister hate that movie 😩

      Liked by 1 person

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