BOOK REVIEW: ♥♥♥Just One Day by Gayle Forman♥♥♥


From the New York Times bestselling author of If I Stay

Allyson Healey’s life is exactly like her suitcase—packed, planned, ordered. Then on the last day of her three-week post-graduation European tour, she meets Willem. A free-spirited, roving actor, Willem is everything she’s not, and when he invites her to abandon her plans and come to Paris with him, Allyson says yes. This uncharacteristic decision leads to a day of risk and romance, liberation and intimacy: 24 hours that will transform Allyson’s life.

A book about love, heartbreak, travel, identity, and the “accidents” of fate, Just One Day shows us how sometimes in order to get found, you first have to get lost. . . and how often the people we are seeking are much closer than we know.

The first in a sweepingly romantic duet of novels. Willem’s story—Just One Year—is coming soon!

-From Goodreads

A while ago I was on Goodreads and one of my friends was posting a lot about this book and I think she read all the books in two days. She was really fangirling so I decide to try it and I´m glad I did it! 😀

Just one day is about a girl called Allyson who went on a tour around Europe and in the last day of the trip she met William, a Dutch boy who likes Shakespeare and had deeps thoughts.Together they escape to Paris and spent the entire day getting lost and having fun ❤ . They spend the night together but the next day when Allyson wakes up, William is no longer there. With the heartbreak Allyson go back to her home and continue her life in the university but she isn’t happy anymore because for that day in Paris she was free and now she doesn’t feel the same freedom, that’s why she’s gonna start to try to find William and her own freedom. 🙂

Allyson is a good, clever and dependent girl at the beginning of the book. However, she grows a lot throughout the book and at the end she’s a really powerful woman :D. I like how she thinks (Not always) and that she always pick good friends who support her. Some of her decisions weren’t the best but I really like her. ❤

William was a really interesting guy. I loved all his thoughts and ideas but I didn’t love him, I just couldn’t connect with him (Maybe is because he didn’t appear that much). :/

Just One Day is an amazing book, it has issues like Allyson going to Paris with a guy she doesn’t know (You can’t do that EVER) and her mom.. ugh I hate that women, she was so controlling and nosy. However, the story is cute and has freedom (The best thing in the world). The end left me with such frustration! It was the worst hangover ever! I remember and I get anxious. 😡

PH: You should read the parts where she is in Paris with the song of Selena Gomez – Hit the Lights. 😉

Just One Day made my days while reading it 80% better 🙌

You should read it if you like romance, adventure, contemporary, fiction, travels and YA 😊.

Do you want to buy it? Amazon – Audible – Barnes & Noble – Book Depository.

Gayle Forman: TwitterBlog

That’s all I have to say about Just One Day, I hope this help you to decide if you want to read it 😁

I hoope you have an amazing day and reading time! 😍

💙😚 💙 😚💙


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