My TOP 5 favorite BookTubers



Thiis girl is amazing!!

Her name’s Sasha, she always make me laugh out loud and she’s also really sweet 😍

Her videos are great, funny and she has a lot of them 😜

PH: She doesn’t like making reviews so maybe she hasn’t soo many 😕



She’s Regan and she’s hilarious 😃

She has such a great videos, they’re amusing but also really informative 😉

Riley Marie


Riley is a wonderful and sweet girl 💘

In her videos she’s always smiling and having a good time

and that is way I like her so much! 😃




Jesse is really dumb but in a good way, he’s sooo funny and kind

He always sings or play or do something really funny in his videos…

I love him😍!

Little Book Owl


This is Catriona and she’s Australian, her voice is amazing😉!

Her videos are really cute and interesting ♥

*If you want to go to their channels, just press in their YouTube names 😃


2 thoughts on “My TOP 5 favorite BookTubers

  1. I haven’t seen any videos from these book tubers before! But I’m going to check them out 😀 Also I saw you have “It Ain’t Me, Babe” on your Goodreads TBR – I just bought that on my Kindle yesterday! I hope it will be good! 🙂 ❤

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